Thursday, January 1, 2015

Shanda's 3rd week on the mission

Hola a todos!! Como estan??? Sorry, but this letter´s going to be kind of short. Around here, with the time given us, it´s basically sent pictures or write, and I sent pictures this week. Christmas here in the CCM was fantastic! We just have amazing devotionals all the time here. Christmas was no different. We watched the live broadcast devotional by Russell M. Nelson from the Provo MTC. If available, I would encourage you all to watch it! We also watched the Christmas video by the church quite a lot here. #SharetheGift :) It was great to be able to skype home on Christmas. I really love the Spain MTC. Right now there´s only about 35 missionaries, but today actually we are getting 8 Russian learners, and then next week, we will get about 20 native spanish speakers, so it´ll be a little more crowded.

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