Thursday, January 8, 2015

12 days left!!!

Hola Todos!! Feliz año!! How was everyone´s New Year?? It was great
here in el CCM. We did some fun stuff. We watched Miracle on 34th
Street. One of the things that I really enjoyed, was we sang
everyone´s national anthem New Year´s Eve, spontaneously of course. So
we had the U.S., Swiss-Austrian, Finland, Canada, Scotland, Italy,
Spain and Australia all represented. It was super fun and a really
cool experience! On Friday, we watched Meet the Mormons, which I had
never seen before, so that was a really good movie. The park this week
was fantastic!! My companion for the day was Hermana Rathfon, and she
is so sweet!! We were able to hand out 5 Book of Mormons. People here
are awesome! We had a lot of really cool experiences. One of my
favorite experience though, was after we got off of the metro on our
way back to the CCM, I started talking to this girl, R who is only 17,
but she looked a lot older (like most the people here...). Anywho, she
lives close to the temple and she was really nice and I invited here
to come play Fútbol with us everyday. She hasn´t come yet, but I´m
hoping she comes sometime before I leave. Every Sunday we have
¨Singing Hour¨ where we practice some songs, and then go out on the
steps of the temple and sing. It´s really fun every week to just sing
for an hour and a half. Sunday was absolutely fantastic, like
basically every day here...;) The devotionals they have here are so
cool. (I´m running out of adjectives to use to describe my experience
here...) Sunday night, we watched the Joseph Smith movie, which I´m
sure all of you have seen, but I always feel the spirit, especially
this time. There is no doubt in my mind that he is a prophet of God,
and I´ve also learned of the amazing spiritual power of the First
Vision. It´s so powerful in a lesson. Every time we recite it in a
lesson, it brings the Spirit like nothing else. We have about 20 new
missionaries here, the Native Spanish speakers. They seem really nice.
One of them complimented on my horrible Spanish, which made me feel a
little better about it. ;) Well, my time´s up this week. I love you
all and I really love hearing from all of you!! Love, Hermana Rowley

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