Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Well this week was just as fantastically awesome as last week. One of
the hermana´s here said that it´s a short time here, but you have a
lifetime of experiences, and I believe that wholeheartedly! On last
P-Day, we went sight seeing and saw the royal palace and a big
cathedral, which I have no idea what it´s called. España is absolutely
gorgeous! Saturday at the park was really cool again. I was able to
reach our goals that we set for the day. Proselyting is the best and I
can´t wait to do it more out in the field. We talked to one guy for
about half an hour, in English. It was a really neat experience and we
were able to give him a Book of Mormon. When we were leaving the park,
we walked by this elderly couple, and we said "Hola!" to them and then
they stopped and looked at us and the woman said something, but I
didn´t quite understand, but I understood the man and he asked if we
said "Hola!" to her. They seemed to be astonished that we even said Hi
to them! It was very interesting to me. We teach investigators here at
the CCM, (a.k.a. our teachers) It really helps a lot to prepare us
more for the field. A lot of the people here in España seem very sad
and angry all the time. I really love saying hi to them and seeing
they´re reactions, because they vary a lot. Sunday was a very
spiritual day. We had three devotionals and they were all amazing. The
second one we had a guest speaker, David Archuleta, he talked to us
and sang some songs. He had an amazing spirit with him. The last song
he sang was O Holy Night, and the spirit was so strong. I love how
music can bring the Spirit like that. The devotional later on, we just
listened to and watched christmas music/videos. It was so powerful.
Sunday was definitely my favorite day of the week. Oh, I also had to,
well, got to give a talk in Sacrament Meeting. What President Lovell
does is he says what the topic for the week will be and then everyone
just prepares a talk, in Spanish, to give on Sunday, but you won´t
know if you´re going to actually speak or not until that day. Sunday
was my lucky day. I also played the piano for Sacrament Meeting that
day, and my District did a musical number to Silent Night. It was
actually really cool. The first verse was sung by two hermanas in
Italian, then me, una maestra, y our three elders sang it in German,
then we all did Spanish, and then the last was English with everyone
singing along. We also had violin with us too. I´m going to say it
again, but Sunday was definitely the best day this week. I love my
district! We have grown to be a family, and President Lovell told one
of the Hermana´s in our district that our´s is his favorite, becuase
he can feel the love that we have for one another, which no other
district has. My companion, Hermana Welcker, is amazing. She speaks
Italian, so Spanish comes easier to her than most, so she helps me a
lot with that. Everyday for Physical Activity, we go and play futbol,
and it´s so much fun. I love playing it everyday. The food we eat here
is actually pretty good. It´s definitely different than la comida de
Los Estados Unidos, but most the time it´s actually good. They also
feed us a ton, so I might have to lose a few pounds when I leave here!
:) Everyweek on P-day, we get to go to the temple, which is absolutely
beautiful! Today, David Archuleta happened to be in our session, and
my compañera was freaking out, but I love her! haha Sorry if I don´t
respond to everyone´s e-mails. I really try to, but we´re limited on
time. I do love getting e-mails from everyone though, so please write
me!! I love you all! The church is true! Feliz Navidad!! Love, Hermana

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