Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Shanda Leaves for Spain MTC

 Shanda and Jessica Spencer    a sister Missionary that is going to the Spain Madrid Mission. They will spend time in the MTC together.
 Shanda saying I will see you in a year and a half

Adios We will see you later
Mom!! I`m here!!! :) Everyone speaks a different language here, of
course. This computer keyboard is really funky and is really hard to
type on...The flight was good. Long, but good. We flew up over
Nebraska, Canada, the Ocean, England, Germany, France, and then
finally here! We just got here and it is 5:20, same time as Mike now!
I sat by these really nice Spanish people on the way over here from
Frankfurt. Their names were Juanamaria and Eojenio. (spelling ????)
They were really nice and they live in my mission!! I´m kind of a
little ahead in my español than everyone else here. :) Madrid is
pretty big and they have a TON of tree farms. Like a million...haha
well, that´s all I have to say for now, and just wanted to let you
know I got here safe and sound! Love you and dad a ton!! :) Love,
Hermana Shanda Rowley

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