Thursday, December 18, 2014

Hey Everyone!!!! So this week was amazing!! So much has happened I
don´t even know where to start. It was a really long flight over here.
I went from Boise to Denver, to Frankfurt, to Madrid. The flight over
the ocean took about 8 hrs. We got here at about 4/5:00 and we didn´t
really do anything the rest of that day. We just got settled in and
had orientation basically. This MTC is so tiny, but I love it! Right
now there´s only about 35 missionaries, but we`ll be getting some
Russian speakers in about another week or so, and then two weeks after
that we`ll be getting some native Spanish speakers, so that will
change it up a bit. My district is awesome! :) We have 3 girls from
Utah, two from Florida, me, one elder from Canada, one from Finland,
and one from Germany. My companion`s name is Hermana Welcker. She´s
absolutely awesome. She`s speaks Italian, so Spanish is pretty easy
for her to pick up compared to some people. The major highlight of my
week is going to El Parque de Retiro. It´s supposedly used to be the
king`s garden, but it`s huge! We went and proselyted there on
Saturday. I was blessed to have some really cool experiences. One guy
said that he had a lot of questions and was wanting to go to church
and talk to someone about it all, we also talked to some Muslims, and
I ended up reciting the First Vision to both of those people. What
they do every week is after about an hour and a half of proselyting,
they get all together and sing in the park for a little bit, and right
now it`s Christmas songs, but while they are singing, two
companionships are picked to proselyte, and mine was one of them and
it was the best! I was talking to this couple, M and M, and I was
telling him about El Libro de Mormon and he was very accepting of it
when I said that it went hand in hand with the Bible. He then asked me
if I had read it and like it, or something along those lines, and I
enthusically answered him yes, so he said something like if I read it
and liked it, then he knew that he would like it. His faith was so
incredible. Some people are just ready to hear it.
 Love you!! Hermana Rowley

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