Monday, February 2, 2015

Week 2 in Huelva

Aloha everyone!! How is everything going?? This past week was abolutely fantastic! Sorry if my e-mails are just all over the place, I just don´t know how to connect everything smoothly. :) So...the only fast food places that they have here are McDonald´s and Burger King. They have a ton of banks and Chino stores just all over the place. The cars here are supposed to stop for pedestrians no matter what, so I felt really close to getting run over a couple of times when my companion just walks out into the street. It´s exhilarating. We walk around a lot, but we also ride the bus a lot too. I haven´t eaten much more home cooked food yet, but the stuff that I have had is pretty safe. Lot´s of chicken, bread, potatoes, etc. They really like to drink soda here though, at least from the limited choices of soda that they have, namely Coca-Cola and Fanta. All is great though!
Wednesday, we had a day called Dia de Diamante, which is Day of Diamonds. It was a day set aside for the whole mission to just contact people ALL DAY. The goal of the mission was to get 2015 future investigators in one day and we ended up getting 2446. It was a really great day! We were able to talk to a lot of people and share the gospel with them. It was an exhausting day, but very accomplishing. I can´t wait to meet with some of these people.
On Monday, we met this guy on the street and set up a cita (visit/appointment/date) to talk to him on Tuesday and he did and he committed to be BAPTIZED!! So we have a baptism date for E. on the 21 of February! Please keep him in your prayers because he is golden. He´s also being a missionary already...he took us to see some of his friends in Palos(a little pueblo about 30 min. away) and we went to their house and there was about two of them that we were teaching and then one more came in, and then two more came in, and soon enough we had a roomful of golden investigators from Camaroon and they all took a Book of Mormon and wanted us to come back, so were going back next week to teach them again. One of those guys, V., actually came to church yesterday too so it´s really exciting! the work is starting to pick up!
Last night we called a lot of our futures and set up citas with almost all of them! I can´t wait to see how everything works out! We teach piano and English classes every Friday at the church and that´s one of the techniques we´ve tried using when contacting people on the street, but we didn´t have anyone new come this past week, but all´s good.
The bad part of the week is that I was sick for about half of it...I stayed in bed all day for one of the days and last night my eye was really hurting me and we called the mission nurse and she said that I might have pink eye, which I really hoped was not the case, but my eye is a lot better today and I´m feeling great! I really appreciate the e-mails from everyone and I hope to continue recieving them! Have a great week!
Love, Hermana Rowley

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