Monday, February 16, 2015

Another glorious week in Spain

Sorry I wasn´t able to write much last week, I didn´t have much time. I´m so excited to hear that I have a new nephew, Cam Aaron Rowley!! Congratulations Mike and Rose! I´m a little sad that I won´t get to see him for a while, but all is well. I´m also a little sad to miss out on the homecoming of my awesome brothers, Devin and Derrick! They´ve been serving the Lord for the past two years in Tennessee and Mississippi and now have returned home with honor. It´s really cool that they were able to come home on the same day though! I´m sad that I´m missing out on all of these exciting events, but I know that I´m where I´m supposed to be at this time and I am serving our Heavenly Father with all my heart, might, mind, and strength.
This letter probably isn´t going to be very detailed because I normally use my journal to remember everything, but I forgot it...I´ll try though. The past two weeks have been pretty great. My Spanish is improving poco a poco (little by little). My companion is great though and helps me a lot. My district leader, asked me to teach Gospel Principles yesterday...about 20 minutes Spanish...I was terrified. Especially when E. Landinez said that there probably wouldn´t be hardly anyone there, but this ended up being the biggest class since I´ve been here with 13 people there. We normally only have about 7-8 people. It actually turned out not too bad. There was a lot of participation and before I knew it, 45 min. had passed by. We didn´t have any investigators at church yesterday, not next week (because we have Stake Conference), but the week after we´re going to try and get a lot of them there, especially those preparing for baptism.
I told you all about E, who has a baptism date, which was for the 21st, but has now been moved to the 14th of March. Remember the one friend of Eric´s that came to church, V.? Well...he also has a baptism date! We still have a lot to teach him, but I hope that he finds out for himself that this is the right path. We were able to meet with this "antiguo", which means just an old investigator, A, and I guess in the past he would cancel a lot of the citas and just wouldn´t follow through with commitments and so the past missionaries dropped him, but we met with him once and had another cita set up for the following week. The day came to meet him and he called us when it was about an hour before the cita, but when we answered, we didn´t hear anything and our phone was about to die, so we just decided to go and meet where we had planned anyway. We tried calling him back but it wasn´t working and then our phone died, so we just waited for him and he came! He told us that he was going to cancel on us, but his phone was being weird, so he came anyway. We taught him Lesson 3, The Gospel of Jesus Christ and asked him to be baptized, and he said yes!!!!! We´re going to meet with him again this week, but we´re definitely praying for him to follow through with it. So...on Saturday, we had some citas set up with some people in Palos, a little pueblo about 1/2 an hour bus ride away, but we didn´t get off at the right stop and didn´t get to Palos until 7:00 when we planned on being there at 5:30...Palos is where most of Eric´s friend´s from Camaroon and Ghana live that we met a couple of weeks ago. We were able to teach two lessons though, and one of them was to C. Like most of the people from Africa, he´s the only one here in his family, but we taught him the Restoration and about baptism and he said he would be baptized!! It´s so exciting!! I know that as these four people take this big step in their lives, that they can feel the difference and I know that they´ll receive many blessings because of it. I just ask that you all pray for all four of these people, because each one of them is so very important.
My companion said that this is the hardest area that she´s been in and she has 3 months left. It´s picking up a little bit though. I just ask for the continued prayers on our behalf and for the people and members here in Huelva. We can feel your prayers and can see the blessings we receive from them. I want to challenge every single one of you that reads this to do something. I challenge you to someone that is not a member to do something that would bring them closer to knowing our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Whether it be asking them to read The Family: A Proclamation to the World, reading the Book of Mormon, inviting them to church or a ward activity, etc., whatever it may be I challenge each and every one of you to do it and if and when you do, I would love to hear how it went. I know it´s hard sometimes. I´m a missionary. I know. But I also know that when you trust in God and put forth the effort and show him that you are willing to do what he asks, he will bless you with experiences that will either grow your testimony or someone else´s or even both. Involve the missionaries if you can also. They can be a huge help in accomplising this. Thank you all so much for being such great examples to me!
I love receiving e-mails from everyone and thank you to those that do write. It means so much to me, and I know I say this every week in every letter, but it´s the truth. I love you all and hope you all have a fantastic week!
Con mucho amor, Hermana Shanda Rowley

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