Monday, February 23, 2015

A fantastic week in Spain

Hello everyone!!!! This week was great, just like every week here in the mission. Time is flying by SUPER fast. This coming week is the last week of my first transfer out in the field. The days, weeks, and months go by super fast out here. I love seeing pictures from everyone and seeing the change in everyone already. It´s hard to imagine what it´s going to be like when I return home. This week was full of miracles.
On Tuesday I went to Sevilla for intercambios with the Sister Training Leaders. I was with Hermana Birnbaumer and she´s from Bolivia. She was a really great companion for the day. Their area is a pueblo called Dos Hermanas(kind of ironic), and it´s really clean and pretty. Huelva is a bit more dirty and bigger, but I still love Huelva. One of the best experiences was that we went looking for someone and then ended up going into someone else´s home and teaching her a little bit and we asked her to be baptized and she said yes! Even though it´s not in my area and I won´t be working with her, it´s still really exciting! It was a really long two days that was just really crazy. I traveled a lot, which is really exhausting.
We received a couple new investigators this week. We went and taught these two sweet elderly ladies that my companion had contacting during intercambios with the other Hermana.
These two ladies are sisters, M and T, and T has a little mental problem, but she is so sweet and pure. They need the gospel in their lives so much and they just need help. When we go to teach them, I just want to help them with everything that they might need. We even will probably end up helping them paint their house because it´s really dark in there and it´s really hard for them to even read, so I´m excited for that. We also after teaching them asked them to be baptized once they knew for themselves and they said yes! We´re super excited for them and are praying hard for them. Our other investigator with a baptism date, A, we have not been able to get ahold of him at all, so we´ve had to drop his date until we can get ahold of him again. E is moving along great! We´ve taught him basically all of the lessons and he has such a desire to be baptized. He´s one of those people that the Lord truly prepares to receive the gospel. The only thing holding him back, is that he needs to attend church the next two weeks in order for him to keep this date, so please pray for him to do this.
We went to Palos again on Saturday and taught V a lesson and I think he really felt the Spirit, even though it´s really hard to communicate things to him sometimes. We have to teach in basic terms because he doesn´t completely understand everything. That day, I had called on the phone all of the people that we had met that first week in Palos and asked them to meet us that night. The miracle is that every single one of them showed up. C, M, V, M, S, D, and J. It was an amazing experience to be able to teach all of them about the Restoration and about Baptism. They were all very accepting of it. There were some that have been there the past couple of weeks that weren´t too interested in it before, but this week they seemed to listen more to what we were saying. J even committed to be baptized on the 21st of March! The others that have not yet decided if they want that want to learn more before they do anything, so every single one of them wants us to come back more and teach them, so we´re going to go to Palos every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. It is definitely worth the trip and money though. All of these men came about from our dear friend, E, who did missionary work before he was even a member. It´s amazing the people that the Lord places in your path as you try your best to serve him. That was our huge miracle of the week and I am so excited to talk about it.
Anywho, we went to Sevilla again for Stake Conference this weekend, which was really great! There was a really good talk given by the area seventy about enduring to the end. Speaking of which, has anyone done what I challenged last week in my letter? I know that if you try your best to do this, the Lord will help you. I´m praying for you!
Thank you everyone for everything that you do! I love you all!!
Con amor, Hermana Shanda Rowley

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