Monday, February 29, 2016

This week was super crazy and lots of things happened, but I'll just
update you on the most important stuff. On Saturday we had Melani's
baptism and of course, the devil is always trying is his hardest to
prevent baptisms. This time it was a few things, but mainly the gas
for the hot water wasn't working so she had to get baptized in cold
water. Overall it was a very good baptismal service and she is
absolutely amazing.
Carmen is doing great as well. Carmen is the most perfect example of
humble and meek. She just accepts God's will, no questions asked. An
amazing experience happened with her the other day. Well, last week,
we explain the importance of keeping the sabbath day holy and she was
worried about it because that was the only time that she wasn't
working that she could go and buy groceries, but after talking more
about he importance of sanctifying it, she agreed to do it. A few days
ago we called her for something and she told us that her boss had
called her in to work on Sunday, but she told him no and that she was
never going to work again on Sunday because it's the Lord's day. She's
only been to church 3 times, but she's already keeping all her
commitments and trying her very best to be prepared for baptism and to
keep the commandments.
Well, that's basically the update for this week. Lots of personal
learning experiences. I know this gospel is true and that God loves
and loves each and every one of us.
Con amor, Hermana Rowley

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