Thursday, December 10, 2015

Its the most wonderful time of the year!!!!

Hello everyone!! I am quite sorry for not writing as frequently or as
well as I once did, but I shall try to catch you all up on the amazing
things that have been going on here in Jerez de la Frontera, España.
First of all, as the subject line says, it really is the most
wonderful time of the year! Christmas has always been my favorite
holiday and time of the year for as long as I can remember. The music,
the lights, the people, but most importantly, the birth of our Lord
and Savior, Jesus Christ. I don't know if you all have seen the two
new Christmas videos the church has released this year, but if you
haven't, I encourage you strongly to do so. It is so sad to talk to so
many people here that aren't happy or excited for Christmas. They're
lost in discouragement because they don't have money, will not be with
family this Christmas,  or their dearest family members have passed
on. I am filled with joy every time I open my mouth to share with
these beloved children of God, that this is the MOST wonderful time of
the year. The time we have to give thanks for the things that we do
have, especially our family members that are still with us and most
especially for Jesus Christ. He came to this world to save us "from
our sins, from our sadness." Rejoice! A savior is born! That is
exactly the message that we have to share this Christmas and we ALL
can do it! The church has provided us with so many ways and
opportunities to help others find this joy and this knowledge also. We
can be the examples and the lights in this world so full of darkness
and gloom. Share with others the CHRISTmas spirit!
This week was also a really special week. We had our mission council
and also zone conference with Elder Leimer an Area Seventy for Europe.
Both meetings were absolutely wonderful and I have really been
learning a lot. This transfer I've really been trying to be a more
consecrated missionary and do exactly what I was called out here to
do. These conferences were a huge help in that aspect. I received a
lot of revelation and have been trying my best to act on that
revelation to help me become better and to also help to strengthen
those around me.
Currently we have one really good investigator, Maria Louisa. She is
super sweet and we met her on the street about two weeks ago and we've
met with her a few times and she just absolutely loves to talk. She
came to church yesterday which was amazing. We had met with her the
night before and she's been having pains in her legs so she said she
didn't know if she could come and then she decided that she was going
to do it, for Jesus Christ. She was going to take her pain medicine so
that she could walk to the church with us, and she did! She loved
everything at church too. We have also been trying to work more with
the members here and this week we have a lot of plans to go see these
members, so we're really excited! This Ward is amazing and it really
feels like a big family. I'm definitely going to miss it when I leave,
but I don't have to worry about that for at least another 8 weeks.
This past transfer was only a 4 week transfer or else the ones going
home this transfer would be going home the 23-24th, so they changed
this one to 4 weeks and so the next one will be 8 weeks to make up for
the two weeks lost this transfer.
The weather here is finally starting to cool down! A couple of weeks
ago it was still almost hitting 80°, but know it's around 70°. I'm
finding out that I really miss the Idaho weather. I miss snow and dry
cold, but it's been a great adventure for now.
Thank you all for your support and everything you do for the
missionaries all over the world! Love you all and I hope you all are
off to a wonderful Christmas season!
Con mucho amor, Hermana Rowley

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