Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Semana de Milagros!!!

Hello everyone! How are we all doing? I am doing absolutely fantastic. This week was amazing. There's been a lot of learning and growing experiences. This week started off great with Carmen, the lady from last week and all that day, I just had a feeling that this week was going to be really really great, and it was even more so.
Tuesday was a day of "milagros." We had a cita to meet with Sasha, the guy from England and it was very interesting, but very cool at the same time. Well, he's had a lot of experience with religions and just so many different things. He knows about seven different languages and has traveled a lot and he's only 33 years old, so he's had a lot of life experience. He said he started drinking when he was 12 and he was just asking a lot of questions. We basically taught all of the lessons in one with him. Seriously though, from the Book of Mormon to the restoration, the plan of salvation, the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Ten Commandments, the word of wisdom, deep doctrine, and quite a few other things too. It was pretty crazy, but it was really cool because he said that he's even surprised himself because he's actually interested in what we have. He came to the cita not expecting much, but he says that he's going to read the Book of Mormon, and he's going to come to church to learn more and we're also going to meet with him again. Although it was a crazy lesson, it was a super good lesson. He also said the closing prayer and he said that our faith entices others to believe too. It was super cool.
We went to try Paula, a future of ours, and she was home and invited us in!! She's from Argentina and she's a non practicing catholic because she doesn't quite believe in everything in the Catholic Church, but we had a lesson zero with her and explained the Book of Mormon and she was very accepting to our message and she says that she's going to read it, because she loves to read, and she's going to pray about it. She's super nice and it's cool because after we were there for a few minutes, her daughter opened up her door and was just sitting in her room, but was definitely listening to what we were saying. It was....wow. Amazing. The spirit was super strong there and she agreed to meet with us again and even told us to just toc(let it ring once and then hang up) her phone and then she'll call us back so that it doesn't cost us. She really is super amazing and super prepared by the Lord in this time. 
We had an amazing zone meeting on Friday. The workshops were about putting all of our effort into the work ALL of the time and to "launch out into the deep," go a little bit farther and we will see the rewards for our work. (Story of Jesus with the fishermen to cast the nets on the other side) we set a goal as a zone to receive 60 new investigators this week and at zone meeting we had about 30, so we needed to get about 30 more before Sunday (about a day and a half), and the zone leaders send out texts at night to tell everyone how much we have, and they sent their message on Saturday and we had received 60 new investigators! It was super cool to see that as we're united in purpose, we will see the miracles. As he lord says, "if ye are not one, ye are not mine." It is so true. We have to all be united in this work. As a companionship, our goal for the week to receive new investigators was 6 and we received 7! It was one of the only times so far in my mission that we've reached that specific goal as a companionship. It's really amazing the miracles we can see as we're obedient to our heavenly Fathers will and not focused on our own. 
On Sunday I gave a talk in sacrament meeting and it was supposed to be 5-10 min. long and it ended up being about 20... I guess I take after my brother Devin...;) someone afterwards though said that it seemed like I'm really accustomed to talking and that it was really natural, so that's something I've never heard before. My companion left yesterday to go to Málaga for the day and so I've been staying with the other Hermanas from ward 2 and it's been really fun staying with them and getting to know them more. 

So, as you can see, we've had an amazing week, and that's not even all of it, but that's all for now. I hope everyone has a fantastic week full of many missionary opportunities! Love you all! 

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